Nikita Dzhigurda decided to dance their dance style Gangnam Style and did it the other day on the Red Square.

Nikita Dzhigurda recently wrote in his Twitter:

 If this score 12,000 tweets retweeted to 12/12/2012, then I will dance in a kilt Gangnam STYLE in Red Square and lay out the video! # OPPADZHIGURDA

And here is the video -

Facebook tips for a Successful Business

                    Facebook tips for a Successful Business

 Foreword Right now, Facebook is the website with the second highest traffic rank on the internet. That means that only Google receives more visitors. Their website has grown at an incredible rate since it was created. It is said that every fifth person on this planet is a member of Facebook. It would be insane not to make use of this incredible source of traffic. You could miss out on potential customers for your business and many many sales.
In this guide you will learn the secrets that many top marketers have used over time to grow their businesses through Facebook. So read carefully and follow each and every word in this guide. These tips will be really easy to implement and will let you get started right away. Are you ready to get started? Lets GO!
 Part One: An introduction to  Facebook Facebook   isn't   the   only   social   networking   site   out   there. Before the site was established, websites like MySpace had already been around for a while. The only difference is that Facebook  took  things  to  a   whole  new  level.  They   made  it easier   to   communicate   with   your   friends   and   family,   find new contacts and interact. Sharing your life with others had never been as easy as with Facebook. They introduced a new Social Networking Era. This also gave Internet Marketers more than a hand full of new     opportunities.      They    were   able    to   reach    millions   of potential customers all around the world, with almost deadly precision. This is also an amazing opportunity for you, since Facebook continues   to   grow   every   single   day   there   are   always   new customers to reach.
What can you expect? Not only did the number of users on Facebook increase, but also the number of applications that became available. You could chat with your friends and family, play games, share photos and even more! People like you and me started to look for methods to make money   using   Facebook,   and   quite   a   few   ended   up   making some good money. With Facebook having over five 800 million users by now, it simply   can't   be   ignored!   If   you   haven't   jumped   onto   this amazing       opportunity      yet,   then    you    are   missing     out    on something big here... Facebook now has it's very own Ad platform, allowing you to reach out to users worldwide and present what you have to offer. It's similar to Google adwords, but a lot cheaper if you know how to use it correctly. Part 2 : Facebook Marketing Using   Facebook  to   grow   your   business,   get   more   leads   or traffic is basically defined as Facebook Marketing. It's a form of   social   media   marketing   where   you   use   Facebook   as   a method of communication between you and your customers, offering your goods or services.
Facebook   has   an  incredibly   useful   feature   called   Facebook Fan Pages, where you create little sites which can be used to get followers, similar to growing your email list. This is               very useful and you should be using it to grow your business. After a while you will have quite a few followers, so that you will be able to promote your business to them. You have a lot of ways to do that. You can post on your fanpage “Wall”, post photos, videos or anything else that's relevant to your niche market. When      you    post    something      on   your    wall,   everyone     who “liked”   your   fanpage   will   automatically   get   it,   so   you   can reach everyone with a single click. When any of your fanpage fans post anything on your wall, all   their   friends   will  see    it,  so   it  has  an   immense      viral potential. Part 3: Facebook FanPages What you will want to do now is create your first fanpage. To do this you will have to be logged in to Facebook. Once you   have  done   that   just   scroll   down   to   the   bottom   of   the page and click on “Create a Page” You will now be able to choose between a couple of different types of pages to create. Once you select one you will have to enter some necessary details to continue. The     next   thing   you    will  have   to   do   is  get   fans   to   you fanpage. If you don't do that, there is no point in having a fanpage at all ;-) So let's have a look at how to do that. Increasing your number of fans A great way to increase your fanbase is to your Facebooks own Ad platform. You can send visitors directly to your offer or to your fanpage. The last option is clearly the one I would recommend           since    it's   cheaper       and    more      effective. Remember,   you   want   to   build  a   following   to   be   able   to promote to in the future. Quick money is good, but it's gone just about as quick as it came. If you are not comfortable with using Facebook ads, there are two more way to get quick followers to jump-start your fanpage. The first one is through
They   offer   many   gigs   to   add  followers   to   your   fanpage. While these followers might not be of good quality, they will still   help   you   build   your   following   more   quickly.   A   fanpage with many followers gets noticed a lot better than a fanpage without followers       ;-) Let's   have   a   look   at   two   of   the   best   Fiverr   Gigs   offering Facebook “Likes” Gig Nr. 1: out-the-need-of-your-user-name-and-pass-in-less-then-24-hours
This   Fiverr   Gig   offers   700   Facebook   Likes   and   even   2000 Twitter Followers. A simply amazing value for just $5 And he deliveres within 24hours! Gig Nr. 2: likes-to-your-page-website-without-admin-access
This one offers another 580 likes for $5 Thats 1280 likes already with those two gigs combined. What more do you want for $10 For those of you who don't want to spend more money than what you spent on this WSO, then you might be lucky. There is a FREE alternative to get Facebook likes. You will need to sign up on this site:
On this site you will be able to “like” other peoples fan pages and earn credits. This way people will like your fanpage back. A good and free alternative for buying Fiverr Gigs. Perfect for people who want to save their hard earned dollars :-) Part 4: Build your List with Facebook Getting Leads Think about this. How about being able to build your list through your Facebook fanpage. Wouldn't that be great? Almost every serious marketer out there has an email list. If you don't then you should consider this option. You will first have to search for “facebook landing page app”. When you find it, just install it on your fanpage through the settings tab. After that, you will have to add a html code into your “before liking”     and “after liking” box. What you want to achieve through a Facebook landing page is to make people want to sign up, or “like” your page in exchange for a free gift or bonus. It can be a free ebook or even a video course. You can be creative here. Creating a product isn't even as difficult as it may seem at first. You can write a little guide about anything you like or search for a PLR product with give-away rights. If you combine this with Facebook advertising, it's almost as if you were paying for leads. This is an excellent and effective way to build your list. Here’s an example of a Facebook Landing Page: You can also simply promote you landing page on your fanpage “wall” Many people will see it and be interested in signing up. Part 5: Let it spread The reason that Facebook was able to grow at such an incredible rate is that it's VIRAL in nature. Stuff on Facebook spreads like wildfire. This is even more evident than on other social networking platforms because of the vast amount of possibilities they offer. Many people get adicted to Facebook for this exact same reason. You can spend hours on there doing everything and basically nothing at the same time :-) This is something that you can use to your advantage. How can you go viral yourself? People on Facebook are connected to their friends through a large network. Status updates of each and every one such as “Liking” a page or writing on someone elses wall will be shown on that person’s news feed. The point here is. Whenever you get your followers to interact on your fanpage, it will show on their friends news feed as well. This way many of those friends will want to check out your fan page as well and possibly “like” it as well. You could see your fanpage grow at an insane speed it you get enough people to join and interact on it. That's why buying “likes” can help to start that process for you. Part 6: How to use Facebook Ads
                    Facebook tips for a Successful Business First of all you will have to log in to Facebook and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Then click on “Advertising”. After that you will click on “Create an Ad” in the top right corner. Now you will be able to to enter the details for your ad. A little tip from me...When selecting your ad image, take your time to create a small red frame around your image. Nobody ever does that and it makes your ads really stand out.
                     Facebook tips for a Successful Business After clicking on “continue” you will now be able to further target your Ad. The possibilities here are almost endless. You can be as specific as you wish. And the best thing is, you will always be able to see the estimated reach of your ad on the right hand side. Thats 140 Million in the USA alone !!!                     Facebook tips for a Successful Business I hope you see the possibilities of using Facebook ads and start to use it yourself. Part 7:What not to do on Facebook It's a big mistake to believe that people on Facebook are there to buy something. If they sense you are trying to sell something to them, then things are probably not going to work for you. You need to build a strong relationship with your Facebook fans, offering value and giving without expecting anything in return. That's when you will start to see the success rolling in. Another mistake would be not to split-test your Facebook ads. You will never know which ad converts better if you don't try different versions. You could be missing out on a lot of money it you don't do this. If you avoid these two mistakes, then you can't really go wrong.
Conclusion This guide has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Please take the time to put what you have learnt into practice to grow your business or make more sales. Facebook offers a great opportunity for every internet marketer who knows how to use it correctly. Don't waste your time and put there methods to practice right now!