Slimming Methods

The methodology used three main components: physical activity (as much as possible to walk), the selection of a balanced diet (the rejection of harmful products in favor of the mineral) and determination (plus a good mood). What not to do the procedure the doctor: counting calories; keep a food diary; eat 6-8 times a day; starve; going to the gym or fitness. What you can: is after 18.00; eat meat, fish; drink dry wine; drink water without restriction. The main difference between weight loss procedures - its simplicity and accessibility. You do not need to buy expensive products or unusual cook complex dishes, weighing each component. You do not just lose weight, you learn to live under the new rules supply. You eat on a certain mode, using a specific set of products, at the same time you are almost free in the choice of food and eventually learn to make themselves the right diet. Also, you follow the advice of dietitian (if you are losing weight at the clinic) on the appropriate exercise and smoothly, without harm to health, get rid of excess weight. Prohibited products: sugar and anything containing sugar, juices, honey, fructose powder; bread, and any flour products; potatoes and white polished rice; semi-salted and smoked foods; foods high in fat, food additives and preservatives. Recommended products: lean meat; fish and seafood (not canned); vegetables, fruits (except for fresh beets, carrots, grapes and bananas); dairy products with low fat content; cereals (other than polished rice and semolina); bran; tea, coffee, salt, garlic, spices, soy sauce, vinegar; wine.