What is the procedure Coolsculpting?

The procedure in the U.S. Coolsculpting Zeltiq device is a real opportunity to get rid of excess fat with a cold quickly, easily and without harm. This brand new technique, as it were, as it were won popularity in the U.S. and Europe, called kriolipolizom. How does it work? The title, after all, comes from the words "cryo" - "cold", "lipo" - "fat" and "lysis" - "destruction." It should be emphasized that the method of destruction of fat tissue under the influence of cold licensed by American scientists. Folds of fat on the tummy, the thighs, the buttocks or on the sides neatly, therefore, drawn into a special applicator under vacuum. I'd like to emphasize the fact that banks are aware that put you in your childhood? This is about the same, only softer and more efficiently. Folds of fat for an hour doses, in general it is cooled. It would be bad if we had not noted the fact that the fat cells, to say the least afraid of cold as fire. It's no secret that in fact it is many times accelerates the natural process of death. What do you get? Do not expect quick results. Everyone knows that the natural process, launched under the influence of cold, does not occur simultaneously. It's no secret that he was going slowly, but correctly. Sure, it is worth mentioning that with all this as if there is no harm to the body. It goes without saying, are destroyed just as we used to say, the fat cells. Such a way as to 2.5-3 months of subcutaneous fat uselessness "melted" by approximately 25%. I'd like to emphasize that to achieve, as we are constantly talking to you, such a result, your companion would have at least 3 times a week in the gym to sweat at the gym! And it's not all Yes, it's not all. I'd like to emphasize that posting, as we call it, a man beloved by the function Coolsculpting, you can be confident that: