Protein diet.

This diet is suitable for those occasions when you urgently need to lose a few pounds.

The most important thing in this diet - you need the exact sequence of compliance. And do not confuse the days, since only in this case, a change in metabolism.

Use only those products that are listed and diet. Do not make exceptions for anything, even for a candy or a piece of cheese. The amount of products varies depending on individual tolerance. Not be able to eat half a chicken - boil the quarter, three large boiled carrots, if desired can be replaced by two large zucchini - to small. During the day, drink boiled water or mineral water, and at least 1.5 liters. The most difficult days come, when there will be a desire to "get away" with the diet - 3rd,
4th, 5th and last - decisive - for three days. Then the desire to eat something becomes an obsession. Try to turn your attention to the work or household chores, and drink plenty of warm water. The main thing - do not go the distance. Think about the already passed the difficult days! The greater the difference between normal and actual weight, the more weight you lose.