The American diet - roller coaster

The Scenic Railway at Luna Park (Melbourne, Au...Roller coaster - the diet on the basis of changes in the number of calories consumed. This theory is based on the fact that for any diet the body stores the number of "eaten" the calories in this adaptation occurs after saving calories, and then stops weight loss. Moreover, it is rapidly recruited after the diet. However, if you change the amount of calories, the metabolism will not slow down the process of weight loss will continue.

The power supply system diet "roller coaster":
The system lasts for 3 weeks. From the diet is desirable to avoid fatty foods.
The first 3 days - is allowed to use up to 600 calories a day
4,5,6,7 day - 900 calories
Week 2 - 1200 kcal
Week 3 - the same as the first - 600 and 900 calories.

Diet roller coaster combined with sports provide a minus 6-7 lbs. for 3 weeks. If the aerobics and power load - 8-9 kg. for 7 days.
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