Diet for weight loss legs and thighs. Part 2

Diet Laxatives
Diet slimming thighs.
In the next two weeks you can eat any fruits and vegetables green. These include: green beans, avocado, zucchini, cabbage, Bulgarian pepper, apples, cucumbers, greens, onions. From the menu, should be excluded grapes and peas.

Do not forget about the daily use of watermelon and melon, the norm for a day - half of watermelon or melon medium size. This amount should be divided into several meals.

The main part of the daily diet should be fruits, vegetables and melons, but once a day, you can vary your menu by one of these dishes:

• Mushrooms, grilled, but a portion should be no more than 150 grams. Mushrooms can be supplemented with a boiled potato. Together with mushrooms and potatoes, should eat a big bowl of salad vegetables allowed.
• Two steak, roasted on the grill, you can add a few tablespoons of tomato and boiled corn.
• A glass of diet yogurt mixed with 50 grams of corn flakes. Complement the large bowl of salad.

Diet slimming thighs will be much more effective when its complete set of exercises to reduce thighs.

1. Must lie on your back and pull your hands along your body, palms put down. Lift your left leg up and slightly bent, bend her right knee trying to touch the floor, return leg to starting position. Repeat the same exercise for the other leg. Repeat 10 times for each leg.
2. Sit on a chair, knees to compress. Hands to put on the chair seat. Try using the hips to separate hands. Thigh muscle, and there should be stretched at least 10 seconds, then you can relax them. Repeat the exercise for at least 20 times.

The first results of weight loss diet and physical activity hips, provided the exact diet and regular exercise at least 3 times a week, will be visible after about 2 weeks.

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